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Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about diets here at Wholesome Endeavors and I’d like to give you more insight into why I’m passionately against them. SO, let’s talk about the most popular one that claims they are not a diet. Let’s talk about how Optiva does help women lose weight but is, in fact, a diet.

I have friends who are coaches and I have friends who do (and have done) this diet. And I don’t spend one second judging them for that. I understand that is where they are in their journey and that. Is. Okay. What I don’t think is okay is how this program openly and overly restricts calories, implies you live off very small portioned packaged food until you lose weight, and then they claim controlling your food is helping you with your relationship with food.

It’s another low-carb approach…but not ketosis…but not enough carbs for energy. So if you’re not in ketosis (which you shouldn’t be), then you’re not burning fat for energy. If you’re not eating enough carbs to burn for energy, then you’re burning muscle for energy before fat. And as aging women over 30, we are consistently losing muscle. Adding a diet on top of that means when you gain the weight back, it won’t be muscle. It will be weight…which means it will be harder to lose weight the next time.

Yes, it’s common to lose weight fast on this program (such as a diet does), but the odds of not gaining it back are very low. And the pressure to become a coach to maintain that loss is very high. Seems backward from “a lifestyle” and more like an ultimatum. But other than that, I have ONE VERY BIG problem with their approach.

It does the opposite of helping people with their relationship with food. It over-restricts (cue deprivation), it instills shame when people then eat a normal portion of food (cue guilt), and mostly, it doesn’t allow enough variety to help the body heal and prevent disease (cue disassociation with health and healing).

Speaking of disease prevention – the biggest contributors toward disease prevention are fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. This diet is low (if not void) of all those (because fruit has sugar and fiber comes with carbs). It prioritizes the classic lean meat, watery veggies, and eggs. I know to some, weight loss is more important than enjoying delicious food, but that’s only relevant if they believe this is the only way to lose weight.

Why I care about eating a variety of food and eating enough nutrition is because food can also contribute to the prevention of; depression, anxiety, gallbladder stones, gut issues, cancers, diabetes, and more. Focusing on weight loss is taking your focus off your cell health, your gut health, and your immune health. And, thanks to the dieting industry, people have completely unassociated their health with healing and now can only see the association between a health journey and weight loss. They are NOT the same in most cases. Eating 3 Twinkies a day will get you to lose weight but certainly isn’t preventing disease (I know that’s an extreme example, but you get my point). And from what I’ve seen – the disease is more from what you’re not eating (fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients) than from what you are eating. So taking more food away doesn’t quite make sense to me.

I’m over it. Not because I’m judgey. Because I care about your breasts, your mental health, your colon, your heart health, your self-love outside of your body image, etc. I understand how weight loss makes you feel good – but prioritizing your health starts with prioritizing yourself – happiness doesn’t come after weight loss, weight loss comes after happiness. That starts with your thoughts, your respect for your body outside of its image, and your habits (other than deprivation) that create consistency

I’m passionate about you becoming the best version of yourself so you can reach weight loss for a lifetime; not a time in your life. I’m passionate because I’ve been a victim of dieting and the feelings that will come after the weight comes back. Diet options are endless but emotional support is much harder to find.

If you want to learn my approach to weight loss, stay posted for my new course titled, “Eat, Think, Grow, Transform your Eating Habits to Discover Freedom in Your Health and Yourself.” I’m not used to writing direct opinions through email, but I believe if we’re going to grow each other’s respect, we have to start with being honest.

  1. Debra Balts says:

    Totally agree with this opinion. I agreed to try Optiva because it was supposed to be rapid weight loss and energy levels increase; not for me, the one thing i did achieve was being sick with kidney stones.



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