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Change the history of your health journey. Create a new journey that will last, works for you and your family, and puts an end to the dieting cycle forever! Join the Wholesome Community Membership to feel your best with the journey you're on!

Officially transition your habits into the life you want...and stay there! Individual coaching includes support from Hannah the whole way, weekly calls, resources for implementation, and workbooks.

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Are you looking for that sweet spot in life where you can have the cake and eat it too? Or you always seem to find yourself back where you started after a fad diet? Or feeling confused of what "eating healthy" actually is so where to even start? 

Weekly coaching (part of the Wholesome Community Membership) is designed to officially transition your habits into the life you want...and stay there! We will do more than learn together but coaching includes:

• Mindset around your relationship with food

• Gain confidence in your food choices on your journey

• Education, accountability and guidance

You will be supported the whole way. This program includes weekly accountability with Hannah, resources for implementation, and workbooks to make the education relatable to YOU. While working with Hannah, you will feel empowered, confident in your food choices, and you can finally get rid of the "wagon" all together.

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Learning from Hannah has transformed the way I look at food as fuel.

Client Experience

- heather

hannah celebrated every achievement and gave me so much support.

Client Experience

- samantha

I can't tell you how much I have learned about myself and nutrition.

Client Experience

- holly

Thank you so much for putting together this course.

Client Experience

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