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Wholesome Community Membership

Are you FINALLY ready to get off the hamster wheel of dieting and create consistency in your health journey but you can't figure out how?

In the Wholesome Community Membership we are changing the way we think about 'health', tackling the habits that keep us on the hamster wheel, and designing a journey that works for YOU, that YOU love, and can maintain in YOUR life.

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your nutrition coach

Fad diets are time consuming, not fun, and pull you away from a healthy relationship with food. Without selling products/supplements, I don't personally benefit from you meeting your health goals, sticking to a healthy lifestyle, or enjoying the journey. I just care too much to watch women feel shamed for their weight or for...eating. Your worth is not in your weight.

I'm Hannah Koschak, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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Wholesome Community Membership

A monthly membership to enhance and exceed in your health journey

•Change the history of your health journey.

• Create a new journey that will last, works for you and your family, and puts an end to the dieting cycle forever!
• Join the Wholesome Community Membership to feel your best with the journey you're on!


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• New mindset to improve your relationship with food

• Weekly meetings to focus on YOUR personal journey
• Education, accountability and guidance

Work closely with Wholesome Endeavors to foster growth and success in your journey.

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Transformed the way I look at food as fuel for my future as well as today.

Client Experience

- heather

I feel complete freedom and confidence in my choices.

Client Experience

- samantha

I can't tell you how much I have learned about myself and nutrition. 

Client Experience

- holly

This course is truly the start of a journey I know I will be on for the rest of my life.

Client Experience

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