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I will help you be confident in your food choices and yourself, all while enjoying the journey.


Hannah Koschak

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After working in a clinical setting and helping patients manage and cope with their disease, I realized my passion is educating, inspiring, and advocating for YOU to actually PREVENT disease and enjoy your health journey.

I created Wholesome Endeavors to be an unbiased resource in the community to help you overcome being a victim to your eating habits, and never go back to the Monday starting line. I will help you be confident in your food choices and yourself, all while enjoying the journey.

It's possible - I, myself, have had my own journey with improving my relationship with food and having a new mindset about my health - then I combined that with my education as a Registered Dietitian and have found a way to help you create YOUR journey to success to meet your health goals.

Outside of my passion for health and nutrition, I'm a mom, wife, and trial and error cook! I'm sure to celebrate something every chance I get - because life is about enjoying the journey!


Learning from Hannah has transformed the way I look at food as fuel.

Client Experience

- heather

hannah celebrated every achievement and gave me so much support.

Client Experience

- samantha

I can't tell you how much I have learned about myself and nutrition.

Client Experience

- holly

Thank you so much for putting together this course.

Client Experience

Wholesome Endeavors has a local collaboration with Down to Earth at the Five and Two Cafe. Wholesome Endeavors provides healthy to-go meals in the cooler and even contributes to healthy meal options on the menu. You can grab and go from the cafe, you can order for delivery online, and you can even order the options in the cafe to be served a plated option to eat in.

These meals are offered on the menu and to-go coolers at Five and Two Cafe and Menomonie Market Eau Claire. 

wholesome endeavors
meals to-go

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My mission with Wholesome Endeavors is to create a ripple effect of healthy habits throughout my community. I am honored to offer education and support to local facilities as their nutrition educator. 

community nutrition educator

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Wholesome Endeavors is a guest speaker for many local events; one including Blue Sky Retreats where women can go to get relaxation, clarity, and connection.

blue sky

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