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Let me explain what I mean by “freedom from dieting”.

I just got back from a vacation full of foods I don’t usually eat, beverages I don’t usually drink, and a level of relaxation I don’t usually take.

In the past, I would return home, take a deep breath of realization that I need to avoid “extra” or “unnecessary” food for at least a week, exercise as much as possible, and only eat salads for lunch to make up for any added calories consumed over the vacation.

That dieting mentality put me in a state of punishment for simply enjoying my vacation.

HOWEVER, in the past, I would have also taken advantage of being on vacation and had the extra serving, filled up on ‘all the things’, and over-drank because “I was on vacation, I’ll worry about it when I get home”.

All of those unhelpful habits stem from a dieting mindset.

The difference now – I created a healthier relationship with food that doesn’t involve overindulgence from deprivation, shame for enjoying “unnecessary foods”, or guilt for not listening to my body.

The difference now is that I can fully enjoy my vacation without feeling deprived or guilty AND come home and move forward on my journey without feeling held back or the pressure to omit/diet.

THAT is also possible for you. You can also embrace vacations, holidays, and fun adventures while also truly enjoying your health journey.

You are worth that and more. You are worth finding enjoyment without dieting while also seeing progress. All of it. You are worth that. Because as I’ve said before; happiness is not behind weight loss but weight loss is behind happiness.

So now that you are set free from the dieting mindset, go out there and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Much Love,

Hannah Koschak, RD, CD

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