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Hey Wholesome Humans!

Is this you, too??? Do you struggle with forgetting a lunch? Or sick of eating the same thing? Or don’t work/live close to a healthy meal option? OR are you too busy packing your family’s lunches and not your own?

Then here are a few tips, tricks, and options for you!

  1. Hopefully, I have solved your problem with our newly launched healthy meal pre-order service! The meals combine nutrient-dense foods to produce healthy fats, fiber, protein, and disease-fighting properties. 


Go to

Click on ‘Meal Order’

Fill out the form and Submit!

Pick up on Tuesdays, 12-6 pm at the WE Studio!!! (3604 Spooner Ave. Altoona)

Menu changes bi-weekly with a new seasonal soup!

2. Make your own easy, to-go meals that don’t require cooking-just assembling! These are perfect for when you don’t have time to cook a healthy lunch or don’t have healthy options near your place of work. Use the meal guide below to help you create some lunches that meet your nutrient needs!

Hopefully, these ideas inspire and help you on your journey toward fueling yourself with nutrient-dense foods! If you would like more meal ideas, be sure to join the Wholesome Community Membership, which includes an app full of recipes AND a community of people sharing their own healthy meal ideas and tips. Remember when you fill your own bucket, you will be better at filling others!

Peace, love & veggies,

Hannah Koschak, RD, CD

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