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Immune Boosting Foods

What Can You Do? Personally, I don’t want to spend another minute talking about the life-changing circumstances we are currently in but I do like helping people feel empowered. Is boosting your immune system high on your radar right now? Great! But that doesn’t necessarily mean start drinking all the orange juice and eating a […]

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“What Size Are You?”

When I struggled with dieting and my weight, being asked that question would immediately trigger me into a frenzy of “I need to lose weight asap!”. I’ve always squirmed with discomfort as to why clothing has to be separated by ‘small, medium, large…”. Why can’t it be letters, symbols, or even made-up words? Naturally, we […]

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Why A Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle Is So Hard

To Name a Few… Lack of Sincere Support: Yes, it’s easy to get a neighbor or a gym buddy to be your accountability buddy! And sometimes that works, but in most cases, they have their own life, commitments, and obligations to attest to. That’s often a short-lived solution. Mixed Messages: It’s much easier to throw […]

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